Welcome! Moroccan Imports offers wholesale lots of artisanal made Moroccan treasures as well as retail treasures, too! Moroccan imports comes directly to you from the souks of Marrakech. We bring to you beautiful Moroccan handbags, Moroccan Tuareg Jewelry, door hamsas, Moroccan tea pots and also, Moroccan tea tray tables. Now we are selling ottomans & poufs, too! Anything you need in Moroccan wholesale or retail, you can find right here!

Moroccan Imports is the first source for all Moroccan wholesale pages on the Internet.

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   Pouf Chairs Ottoman   Moroccan Tea Pots   Tea Tray Tables    Tea Trays    Moroccan Berber door Hamsas

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Camel Bone Decor Treasure Chest

   Lustrous pieces certain to attract not only attention but truly imbue any room with the feel of the Sahara.


Unusual Marrakech styled Tagine (with or without stand)

   These are not the typical fes styled ones; unique Marrakech made tagines


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